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About Us

Be stand-alone amidst the ordinary ones!

We are an online based clothing shop who tries its best to keep your dress collection up to date with the contemporary style.
What makes us unique is that we don’t brag about the quality. Instead, we give our full effort and ensure that the quality is maintained at the time of producing the fabrics and let our satisfied customers speak for us. We also believe that we just don’t have a purchase and sell affiliation with our honorable customers; you and each customers are the sources of our inspiration to move forward and come up with new clothing styles to present in front of you.
We know how you value your hard earned money and would love to spend on clothing that are not only smart but are also good in quality that provides a feeling that the value is worth it. But keeping a balance between quality and price was a mystery to many of the online shops. The result was the huge number of dissatisfied customers.
In order to mitigate the situation, we started our Journey back in June, 2016. The brains behind this project comes from different fields and with expertise such as Textile Engineering, Supply Chain Management, and Marketing etc. But most importantly, all of us belong to the youth category who believes in changes and make sure that the changes are implemented.
But, as said earlier, we believe in long term rapport with our customers. Therefore, we are bringing many new product lines that are also being appreciated by mid senior level customers also.
As we believe in Gender Equality, we are also bringing in new style line up for our female customer base also. These are trendy in nature and stand out than most of the female based online clothing shops.
We strongly believe that our customers are smart and we try to uphold that smart image by providing the smart fashion line up to our beloved customers. Hence, we help you to be stand-alone amidst the ordinary ones.